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Getting Divorced in New Jersey During the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 22, 2020

Getting divorced during the COVID-19 pandemic can come with some additional complications. However, everyone should be aware that the courts are open and accepting divorce filings just like usual.

Social distancing means that face-to-face contact is not recommended. However, at Fenza Legal Services, I make use of technology to handle your entire case from start to finish without the need for any in-person contact. Client meetings can be held by telephone or video chat. Mediation can be done over Zoom. Documents can be exchanged over email and signed using a PC or smartphone. In my practice, I used many of these technologies before the pandemic, so it’s largely business as usual.

The New Jersey courts have been forced to begin using modern technology as well. Divorce pleadings can now be filed online. Judges are conducting hearings by phone or video. Documents are being sent by email or simply mailed out.

While the pandemic may make certain parts of your divorce more difficult, on the legal side it may actually make things faster and cheaper. Before the lockdown, appearing in court usually meant you had to pay your attorney to travel to the courthouse and sit in the courtroom, potentially for hours, waiting for the judge to hear your case. Now, because hearings are conducted over video chat, hearings typically involve a fraction of the billable time that an in-person hearing would have required.

The bottom line is that if you are ready for a divorce, there is no reason to wait. Contact me today to discuss your options and get your case started.