Unbundled Services

In addition to offering full representation, I also offer the following lower cost unbundled services:

  • Limited Representation: Rather than represent you on all matters, I can represent you only on certain issues. This can be a lower cost option for clients who feel comfortable handling part of their matter on their own, but feel they would benefit from professional legal representation on other parts. You decide which portions of the action on which I will represent you based on your comfort level and budget. The cost for limited representation is billed at the usual hourly rate of $180 per hour, and the total cost depends on how much time is required for the representation.
  • Document Preparation: All court actions require documents to be filed at some point. If you are comfortable representing yourself, I can prepare your documents and deliver them to you, ready to be filed with the court. Document preparation can usually be done on a flat fee basis of $1,000-$1,500 depending on the document(s).
  • Document Assistance: If you feel comfortable preparing your documents yourself, but just need a little help, I can direct you to appropriate forms. You then complete the forms and send them to me. I will review and correct your documents to ensure that they are in the proper form, that you have addressed all necessary issues, and that the court will accept them for filing, and deliver them to you, ready to be filed. Document assistance can usually be done on a flat fee basis of $1,000-$1,500 depending on the document(s).
  • Client Coaching: This is the lowest cost option. You and I agree to spend a certain amount of time discussing your legal issue where I inform you of the legal issues involved, recommend next steps, and help you maximize your chances of success. My usual hourly rate of $180 per hour applies, though we agree on the amount of time and the cost in advance so there are no surprises. Minimum one hour.