Personal Injury

If you have been injured, you may have a right to sue. In all personal injury matters, you pay no attorney fees unless you actually recover money.* Consultations are always free, so contact me today to discuss your legal options.

*clients are responsible only for fees and actual expenses associated with litigation. See pricing page for details.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey allow individuals to recover for medical expenses, damage to a vehicle, and, under certain circumstances, pain and suffering. Contact me today for help understanding what options you have and what steps we can take together to make sure justice is done.

Other Injuries

There are a wide variety of circumstances which potentially could entitle you to compensation. Slip and falls, unsafe premises, construction accidents, and intentional injuries are just a few examples of the type of incidents which regularly entitle people to compensation. No matter your injury, contact me today and we can work together to discover whether your injury may entitle you to compensation.